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Handcrafted Prayer Flags: "Wishes for Wildlife"


Hang a set of these colorful prayer flags anywhere to share your good wishes for wildlife!   (Each set includes one string of five flags.)

Each cotton prayer flag features original woodcut artwork and is individually printed by hand in my workshop.

Woodcut designs you will find in this set are:  Life (Lion), Love (Elephant), Harmony (Bee), Hope (Rhino), and Peace.  A short description about the background of each design is printed on the reverse side of the label.

The flags measure approximately 5"x5" each and are sewn at the top with the other three edges left raw.  They are threaded onto two 60" cotton strings which can be easily tied around a post or railing.  

You will also find a wooden heart made of maple threaded next to the "Love" elephant flag. 

The five flags generously cover a 36" opening, making them perfect for stretching across a doorway or window, or brightening up a wall over child's bed. (Please note that these are not a toy.)

Each set of prayer flags comes packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve, ready to give to a friend, family member, or as a thoughtful gift to hand to your host/hostess at a party.  

These flag sets are also great for tucking into a greeting card!

In order to make some of these wishes for wildlife come true, I have donated 25% from the projected sales of these flags to Wildlife SOS to support their efforts to rescue abused elephants and give them a new, happy life at a caring, beautiful sanctuary. Thank you! 

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